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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lang dags ferd mot natt - med Bjarte på rette staden !

Today I use a couple of well known citations to describe whats happened. #1 from Eugene O'Neil, #2 from a sequence of progs. in the Television.

Remnants of the storm called "Berit" made us delayed into Copenhagen in the morning. In Gedser (Falster) the ferry became canceled due to strong winds, and the bus had to cross over to Lolland and cross into Germany over Rødbyhavn-Puttgarten. On Fehmern, we were delayed by the bridge - also because of strong winds.
Finally we crossed Germany, and reached Phaha - mainly caused by heroic effort from our Busdriver, whose first name ... is Bjarte !
I am now sitting in the Hotel writing these sparse lines. Unfortunately no photo today either .... hope is tomorrow will give some jpg's to share.

And to the readers: Thank you for feedback/mails..... remember Google makes some very odd translations of some of my 'longwinded' text ........ do not belive evrything you see ......


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