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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Turningpoint Kirkenes

2. mars 2011

Now there has been many blogreports in Norwegian language, so tonight I am going to give a service to my English speaking(reading) friends ob both sides of the Atlantic.
As you saw from yesterdays pictures, I met with my son in Honningsvåg, where he is doing a job for the firm he is employed with.
Today I got out of the berth after we had left Vadsø. As I wrote yesterday,for the return trip I decided to take part in some of the organized excursions - and the bustrip to the Russian border and Bjørnevatn was todays choize. As some of you know, I have been to Russia before (to Moscow in 1992[and 1994] - and south to Vladimir in Soldatskaja in Kabardinia-Balkaria 1994), so it was not the urge to see into the former "closed land" that made me do the trip.....
We were given a glimpse of the history of the colonisation in Pasvikdalen
Our guide was a very knowledgable man - telling us he was a young boy when Kirkenes was burnt down in 1944, and that he and his family together with hundreds of the local population for a long time had to live in the mine-tunnels. -- He also spoke of the 'treatment' many in the local society was given after the peace was restored, and the long overdue excuse, given on behalf of the nation by King Harald in 1992. I really sympathize with his view!
From the hills, overlooking the city - and the harbour with "Vesterålen", a lot of cameras made the click-click sound.
In the afternoon, Vardøhus fortress had a lot of the passengers from "Vesterålen" inside it's fortifications. Here too, the guide gave us a lot of useful information. He came to the fortress as a two year old boy, so he really had the experience and knowledge to share with us.
As before, I am eating too much (a lot of tasty food here), I have not yet been seasick, and I am really glad I had the opportunity to take this trip.
Tomorrow I'm booked for "Artic Energy" in Hammerfest and midnight consert in 'Ishavs-katedralen' in Tromsø. - I was married in Tromsø 26 years ago (not in a Church, but in the Magistrates office)..


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