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Saturday, March 05, 2011

South along the Helgeland coast

5. Mars 2011

Today Ola Helge has been transported in the Helgeland district......

A calm day, where we have been 'on schedule' the whole time. - Woke up in good time before we arrived Nesna, took a picture of the 'globe' marking we are now south of the Arctic circle, and later managed to get myself and the camera out on the deck to capture "Hestmona" om the memorycard. (upper left hand picture)
The sun and the snowshowers has been in an eager competition on who rules the sky today. When I took a trip in the strets of Sandnessjøen, it was certainly good my jacket was equipped with a windproof hood. I had planned to get a picture of the"nicest bridge in Norway", because when I drove across it in the spring I only made "the click" from the drivers position - and the result was mostly the sky and some wires, and of course unsharp .... - No luck this time, either ! - - Most of the foreign tourists aboard "Vesterålen" seemed to get their picture taken (upper right hand picture) in the company of Petter Dass, but I felt I had a closer connection to him during my visit to the museum by Alstahaug Church during my trip in the spring - where he was scouting at the far horizon.
Our next stop was Brønnøysund, known all over the Kingdom because of the 'central registers' administred there. They even gave us an extra service, taking the ship 'behind' Torghatten, so we could have our pictures with the visible hole trough the mountain. (picture at the bottom)

In the afternoon we had our 'Farewell-dinner', where the officers of the ship and the staff who has kept our spirits high, and our bellies well filled - were presented, and they all got a well deserved tribute from the passengers.
During our coffebreak after dinner, we had an interesting conversation weith a fisherman from Vikna in Trøndelag, going home for a few days break from his (one man) fishingboat lying in Røst in Lofoten. Certianly a lot of interesting infgormation for a 'hillbilly' from Valdres.

Now we are bound for Trondheim, where we'll arrive early in the morning.
- and Iwill need to finish, before the internet connection runs out !
Tomorrow night I will be back on the blog, I hope.......


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